Thanks to the loving care of the family Cova, from generation to generation, it has been possible to create and maintain a special flair and unique atmosphere, a mix of old charm and style complemented by all modern comfort creating an exclusive universe dedicated to the clientele.

Even before entering the hotel, one gets the feeling of refined elegance from a bygone era, feeling confirmed when getting in the lounge. Rich materials, antique furniture, historical paintings and photographs take you back in time, into the past of the Hotel and Wengen, an almost tangible past which ultimately becomes part of your own. The result is that very soon you do not feel in a hotel but right at home.

With breathtaking mountain panorama from the comfort of one of our 44 rooms it is no wonder that guests return year after year to their home in the Swiss Alps. The Hotel Falken and the surrounding mountains can create for you too an unforgettable atmosphere and experience.

Hotel Falken
3823 Wengen
+41 (0)33 856 51 21
+41 (0)33 855 33 39
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